A setup is the initial building and design for your company or product logo and consists of several steps to ensure successful printing onto your glove and/or cap order.

  • Art revision: your design is “fit” for either embroidery or print. Specific parameters are critical to make your logo looks it’s very best in either thread or ink.

  • PlainJan's graphic design team can make up several design options, IF your logo needs slight changes. We will email these to you for your approval BEFORE any gloves are printed.  In the end, YOU have the final say in exactly how you want your design. 

  • Please NOTE: PlainJan's has been printing on these gloves for 12+ years & we know what things will work and be readable on our gloves. It is to YOUR advantage to use our expertise and make your design really JUMP OFF these gloves

  • Our new black gloves are an even greater challenge. Think about painting over a black wall in your home. It is NOT easy! How many coats of ink might it take?  Our design team knows the text sizes and styles that WILL show up on black gloves.  You may be asked to make more than subtle changes if black gloves are your choice.  We do not want to discourage the black gloves, because when printed with a well designed logo THESE GLOVES ARE GREAT!  Good designs really stand out AND the black gloves definitely do not show dirt etc.  But do realize there are more limitations to printing on black.

Setup FAQ
1) Do I need to already have a logo or design?
No, Plain Jan’s has designed many logos for both embroidery and screen printing. You just need an idea or rough sketch. We’ll proceed from there.

2) What if I have a logo, but want to change, revise or add to it?
No problem. Just FAX or e-mail what you have now. Plain Jan’s can do the needed revisions, FAX or email it back for your OK and we’re set.

3) How long will it take to get my glove order?
Usually first time orders take 2 weeks after art approval.  Normally you should RECEIVE your gloves (USA) within the 2 weeks.  However, if you have a a large order (25+ cases) it may take slightly longer. Canada orders have a longer ship to time, but most of the time Canadian customers have them in hand within 3 weeks from order & art approval.

4. Need gloves in a rush?  No problem. PlainJan's has what we call ACCELERATED DELIVERY.  It is an added charge, however we can move you order ahead of those already in house and get them done FAST! Just how fast?  Well, how soon do you need them?  The faster you need them the more the Accelerated Delivery charge is. PlainJan's has the ability to receive an order in early morning AND with immediate art approval those gloves can go out THAT SAME DAY!   For a Price!  PlainJan's is somewhat limited to exactly how many cases can be printed in that 24 hr. turn around period, usually no more than 3 cases.   Same day turn around: $75 per case +. 2 day turn around: $50+ per case  3 day turn around: $40 per case   1 Week turn around (rather than standard 2 wk) $25 per case.  Shipping/Handling charges in addition.

5) What about ink colors for my design?
Sure! Plain Jan’s can use your specific color choices, however PlainJan's will make color recommendations depending on which glove color you choose. PlainJan's can MATCH specific PMT colors if that is a requirement of your corporate logo. Do realize you can not use the same ink color on all 3 glove colors. Black gloves require special Maximum Opaque Inks and we do not have a huge color selection. Also note certain ink colors do NOT show up on certain gloves. For example: golds & yellow do not show up on white.  Some pastels are not the best either for white or grey. When you call PlainJan's our staff can make lots of helpful color recommendations.

6) Do you keep my setup on file?
Sure! Because Plain Jan’s knows you’ll place lots more orders. And you only pay that setup charge 1-time. After that, as long as you don’t change the design, there’s no charge for reorder setup.