Those Famous PlainJan's Gloves

PlainJan’s Gloves direct screen printed (NOT those heat press transfers that crack and peel off), PRINTED with YOUR company or product LOGO.  A breakthrough INEXPENSIVE product you can be PROUD to put YOUR name on.   Universal FIT & universal APPEAL. 

NOTE: these are S-T-R-E-T-C-H gloves good, clear, readable text IS possible with the above INK colors

SPECIALTY INK COLORS are available, but PlainJan’s can not guarantee the readability of the print. There is a $15.00 charge for specialty ink colors.


Large (fit even the really big man hands!)    Medium: (great for smaller men, women & kids)

NOW 6-Colors & 3 Styles

6 COLORS :  Grey      Black      White    Charcoal   Red    Orange

3 Styles: Chore Gloves, Super Gloves, & Cool grip

Cool Grips Now in 2 colors- Safety Yellow and Gray

$49    1-time ONLY SET UP CHARGES: This is for our graphics department to take your logo and make it GLOVE-ready. Just because a logo looks good "on paper" does not mean it is ready for Glove Printing.  These gloves are NOT a smooth, rigid surface.  The cotton knit has ridges and is elastic. This means our art dept. may need to "tweak" your art.  Slight changes may need to be made to insure your logo message IS the very best it can be.

WASH UP CHARGE: $15 When you change ink colors in the middle of a run

The PlainJan's Difference
PlainJan's has been providing quality branded chore gloves and caps for years. Our personal service and expertise will ensure that you receive the best quality products for your business.

PlainJan's Gloves

Printed with YOUR company or product LOGO!
A breakthrough inexpensive product you can be proud to put your name on.
Universal FIT with Universal APPEAL!

The Actual GLOVES

Not those cheap crappy gloves! PlainJan's gloves are well constructed heavy cotton knit. Each glove weighs 1.5 ounces (cheap crappy gloves: 9/10 ounce). Also PlainJan's gloves are COTTON (many cheap crappy gloves are synthetic Orlon). Orlon is fuzzy and tends to stick to everything, so its like you're wearing Velcro on your hands, not so with PlainJan's great cotton. PlainJan's gloves are washable. Our customers tell us so. We've seen gloves that are 8 to 10 years old. They look great!


PlainJan's has perfected the print process. Printing on these heavy stretch knit gloves was not an easy task. For years people told us " You can't print on those!"  But, PlainJan's tried many inks and additives, and finally a combination of various stretch additives and high opaque inks was formulated!  What does this mean to you?

* Your logo will Stand Out. The inks used will be good contrast to the glove color & people can easily read your  message
* Your printed logo WILL STAY ON the glove! These gloves can be used and washed over and over & the print lasts
* Your printed logo will S-T-R-E-T-C-H with the glove...and spring back to the original size without splitting or cracking

THE Direct Screen Printing Method

Both manual and one-of-a-kind automated printers were designed specifically for PlainJan's.  These machines AND the PlainJan staff who run them are specially trained to produce great, readable prints Each & Every time!  After each glove is printed it is placed on a 12 ft. conveyor dryer that passes through a closed heat chamber @ 375-400 degrees.  The ink is then "baked" on for a complete cure. So, you know your logo is there to stay for the life of the glove.
Cool Grip Gloves
*Latex palm with crinkled grip
*13 Gauge polyester shell
*Breathable Back
*Abrasion Resistant
*Wet/Dry grip
*Longer wear
*Stretchable for Flexibility & Longer wear
*Curved fingers for a much more comfortable fit.
NOW IN 2 Colors
     *Safety Yellow & Gray
Super Gloves
*Warm! 64% Polyester/36% Cotton String Knit shell
*Polyester Blend = WARMER & STRONGER
*Blue Latex crinkle Palm grip
*Long 4" knit cuff for a comfortable/sung/warm fit
Now Available Red Cool Grips